Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In the plod after plod {Just Write}

Sometimes the hours are rote, a plod after plod through daily dirt. Sometimes the miles are long, like manning the doily booth at the flea market. No one stops to examine the lace or ask for a price. And it's one thing when life is lonely, but when it's both tedious and lonely, all you can think is maybe you should give up on selling doilies. Or running 20 miles on the treadmill.

But even the rote hours deliver the surging moments. Ideas surface, endorphins rise, strides lengthen. (And doilies sell. Just maybe?) Somewhere in the plod after plod, you begin to feel strong where you once felt lame. Somewhere in these everyday hours, the dull staleness morphs into a brilliant stillness. And you cling to it like desert icicles. Who cares that it always melts away? It's magic while it lasts.

Every now and then in the plod after plod, the legs stop feeling like bricks. You look down to see a rushing ground. You sprint. You smile. You wonder--is this how it feels to float? The drudgery may be back tomorrow or maybe by mile seven, but for now, you are no longer lonely. You are no longer bored. You are as alive in your own life as a person gets to be. 
And this. This is why you keep running. Or selling doilies. Or mothering. Or doing whatever it is in life that you do. 
Because in every faceless desolate 
step-after-step minute, 
there is a chance to find a desert icicle, 
to be surprised by speed or 
astonished by stillness, 
and to feel 
so very much alive.


I have no idea where the doilies reference came from. The running, yes, because it's the only darn thing I seem to do these days. But doilies. Really? I have to blame the doilies on Heather, since she's the one who started this whole Just Write nonsense. (And I love her for it.)


  1. Your prose is like poetry, my dear, doilies and all. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful 2014 so far. xo

  2. Such an enjoyable read this morning as I stare down the weekend of low temps + snow. I would stop to at least chat with you while you were selling doilies :)