Sunday, October 20, 2013

In which I procrastinate on house stuff by signing up for a marathon

I should be hanging pictures right now. I should be making dinner. I started in on this project to finally hang my hallway pictures and then I got distracted by the urge to sign up for a marathon.

I've had the urge for about a year, maybe more, but I successfully ignored it (much like the hallway picture hanging chore), citing lack of time, the inability to commit, the impending transition to a then unknown destination.

But the transition is complete (all moved in, except for the hallway pictures). And I finally have the time to train. And I'm tired of waiting. I want to get this 26.2 mile long monkey off my back. For the record, 26.2 miles makes for a really heavy monkey, you guys.

And if I'm going to torture myself for three and a half hours, I should probably choose somewhere cushy to do it, somewhere not 5 degrees and snowing, somewhere that isn't dark all but 6 hours of the day. California, perhaps? In January, you say?

Sign. Me. Up.

So here's the plan. I'll bribe the family to come along with promises of Legoland and Sea World. Whenever they whine about how I forgot to feed them because I was busy running the whole damn day and then fell asleep on the foam roller, I will pleasantly remind them that if they ever want to see their precious Legoland, they will be nice to mommy at ALL times. (Insert Dr. Evil-esque selfie

I will do this. (Run a marathon, Silly--not hang the pictures! Hanging the pictures requires way too much follow through.) I've been training for several weeks already, so I'll just keep going, knowing that's it's for real now.
If I lay all the hallway pics in the middle of the hallway, maybe it will force me to finally hang them up? #Don'tholdyourbreath #Justwatchyourstep

If you want to follow my training, I'll be chugging away on DailyMile. If you want to see how nice my hallway looks when after all the pictures are hung up, check back with me in February.


  1. Enquiring minds want to know - might this be the Rock and Roll in San Diego? I can't remember what time of year that is. But there's a chance we might be headed to SoCal this winter as well.... (To be continued.)

    1. It's the Carlsbad Marathon in January. Please oh please let us be in the same general vicinity at the same time!!

  2. WOMAN. This is happening. I haven't signed up yet, but I've already set up the training program in my phone! (That's how you know it's official.) So, yeah. This is happening.

    By which I mean the half marathon, because my full marathon's going to be in Alaska, in June. Duh.


  3. YUSSSSSS! Boston 2015 or BUST. Katie's already there, and after this past weekend, so is my girl Kim (who busted out a freaking amazing 3:32). Let's do this! And LOL at the falling asleep on the foam roller comment. SO true. :)